brynn and cory | the wedding

Brynn and Cory. Love these two. I mean, come on. Adorable, lovely and super in love. Oh, and pretty darn easy on the eyes, right?

This was a wedding that was a long time in the making—and it was perfect. Add in a bear and a serenade and it was a perfect day in Zionsville. I wish you two nothing but happiness… thank you for letting me be a part of such a perfect day.


2013-12-05_0001Pin IT 2013-12-05_0002Pin IT 2013-12-05_0003Pin IT 2013-12-05_0004Pin IT 2013-12-05_0005Pin IT 2013-12-05_0006Pin IT 2013-12-05_0007Pin IT 2013-12-05_0008Pin IT 2013-12-05_0009Pin IT 2013-12-05_0010Pin IT2013-12-05_0011Pin IT 2013-12-05_0012Pin IT 2013-12-05_0013Pin IT 2013-12-05_0014Pin IT 2013-12-05_0015Pin IT 2013-12-05_0016Pin IT 2013-12-05_0017Pin IT 2013-12-05_0018Pin IT 2013-12-05_0019Pin IT 2013-12-05_0020Pin IT 2013-12-05_0021Pin IT 2013-12-05_0022Pin IT 2013-12-05_0023Pin IT 2013-12-05_0024Pin IT 2013-12-05_0025Pin IT2013-12-05_0068Pin IT 2013-12-05_0070Pin IT 2013-12-05_0071Pin IT 2013-12-05_0072Pin IT 2013-12-05_0078Pin IT2013-12-05_0026Pin IT 2013-12-05_0027Pin IT 2013-12-05_0028Pin ITAnd, the bear… James Bond.

2013-11-27_0014Pin IT2013-12-05_0029Pin IT 2013-12-05_0030Pin IT 2013-12-05_0031Pin IT 2013-12-05_0032Pin IT 2013-12-05_0033Pin IT 2013-12-05_0034Pin IT 2013-12-05_0035Pin IT 2013-12-05_0036Pin IT 2013-12-05_0037Pin IT 2013-12-05_0038Pin IT 2013-12-05_0039Pin IT 2013-12-05_0041Pin IT 2013-12-05_0045Pin IT 2013-12-05_0046Pin IT 2013-12-05_0047Pin IT 2013-12-05_0048Pin IT 2013-12-05_0049Pin IT 2013-12-05_0050Pin IT 2013-12-05_0051Pin IT 2013-12-05_0052Pin IT 2013-12-05_0044Pin IT 2013-12-05_0040Pin IT 2013-12-05_0042Pin IT 2013-12-05_0043Pin IT 2013-12-05_0044Pin IT 2013-12-05_0053Pin IT 2013-12-05_0054Pin IT 2013-12-05_0055Pin IT 2013-12-05_0056Pin IT 2013-12-05_0058Pin IT2013-12-05_0057Pin IT 2013-12-05_0059Pin IT 2013-12-05_0060Pin IT 2013-12-05_0077Pin IT

And, the Hall & Oates serenade…

2013-12-05_0061Pin IT2013-12-05_0073Pin IT2013-12-05_0062Pin IT 2013-12-05_0063Pin IT 2013-12-05_0064Pin IT 2013-12-05_0065Pin IT 2013-12-05_0074Pin IT 2013-12-05_0075Pin IT2013-12-05_0066Pin IT 2013-12-05_0067Pin ITAnd, I’m a sucker for a great girlfriend photo…

2013-12-05_0076Pin IT

Get ready location: Brick Street Inn | Ceremony and reception: The Sanctuary | Bride’s dress: J. Crew, with belt from etsy | Bride’s shoes: Enzo Angiolini | Groom’s suit: J. Crew | Hair: Head Rush Salon | Makeup: True Colors | Flowers: The Painted Daisy | Cake: Taylor’s Bakery | DJ: Event One DJs | Photography: molly connor photography, with help from the amazing Micah Bell.

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