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To borrow a word from Ashley’s dad’s speech—serendipity.

This really is a story all about serendipity. Ashley and Ben were just MEANT to meet. The universe certainly had things all under control when Allison moved to Denver, met James, introduced Allison to Ben, Ashley visited Allison, and Ashley met Ben. Got it? Perfect. You’ll have to trust me that a series of seemingly random events put all the pieces together to make this perfect day happen.

And perfect… it was. From their gorgeous morning at The Alexander Hotel, to a beautiful ceremony at St. John Catholic Church… from our stops around town to their amazing reception at the Mavris, every single thing was perfect. Even their lovely Beagle, Bella, got in on the action. I loved this day. I loved these families. I loved this bridal party. And I am lucky to call Mr. and Mrs. Parker friends.

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Cheers to you two. xoxo. (P.S. KISS!)

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