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Life is fun, isn’t it? When I did Lilly and Brian’s amazing wedding last fall, I had no idea that it would take me down the road of meeting Ashley and Andy… and what a joy they have been in my life! Andy is Brian’s brother, and the gift of being able to photograph both of the Rosenblatt boy’s weddings within a year makes me feel all schmoopy.

Two things you need to know about Rosenblatt boys: they pick FABULOUS wives and they seal those deals with THE MOST AMAZING RINGS.

I just love Ashley and Andy. Like, it’s the real deal. Some people you’re just meant to know, right? Whether was over pizza and wine in Irvington, or on a whirlwind engagement session through Philadelphia… we all just clicked. And it’s been really damn fun.

See for yourselves… let’s start with that ring that I mentioned.

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And, then Oliver arrived, fresh to death,from the City of Brotherly Love.

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Three of my favorite couples, the Rosenblatts, the Rosenblatts and the Rosenblatts. Collectively known as: The Rosenblatts.

2015-10-19_0024Pin IT

I usually don’t include a ton of ceremony photos in my blog, but let me tell you about this one. Ashley is Catholic (her family has been going to St. Roch for so long, they may have had a part in laying the foundation) and Andy is Jewish. It was so important to Ashley to be married in the Catholic church, and due to the AMAZINGNESS of Father Wilmoth, they went right ahead and put a chuppah IN St. Roch. And right there, on the alter of the Catholic church that Ashley grew up in, a Catholic priest and a Jewish rabbi blessed their marriage together. I mean… just awesome.

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Top five all-time best bridal party gangs:

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Ashley’s like me… an only child from a HUGE family. They’re very shy.

2015-10-19_0060Pin IT

Ashley and Andy, I heart you. Let’s rendezvous soon, please. XOXO. This photo perfectly sums up the day: so much love + so much laughter. Thank you.

2015-10-19_0061Pin IT

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