ashley + andrew :: engagement | #herecometherosenblatts

Cheers to a not-long-enough trip to the City of Brotherly Love, two of my favorite people, one of the most peculiar places that I have ever photographed, the time I downed some delicious barbeque and got on a bus to New York City and… OLIVER the dog.

2015-06-12_0001Pin IT 2015-06-12_0002Pin IT 2015-06-12_0003Pin IT 2015-06-12_0004Pin IT 2015-06-12_0005Pin IT 2015-06-12_0006Pin IT 2015-06-12_0007Pin IT 2015-06-12_0008Pin IT 2015-06-12_0009Pin IT 2015-06-12_0010Pin IT 2015-06-12_0011Pin IT 2015-06-12_0012Pin IT 2015-06-12_0013Pin IT 2015-06-12_0014Pin IT 2015-06-12_0015Pin IT 2015-06-12_0016Pin IT 2015-06-12_0017Pin IT 2015-06-12_0018Pin IT 2015-06-12_0019Pin IT 2015-06-12_0020Pin IT 2015-06-12_0021Pin IT 2015-06-12_0022Pin IT 2015-06-12_0023Pin IT 2015-06-12_0024Pin IT 2015-06-12_0025Pin IT

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