annie | st. ursula academy, 2017 | cincinnati portrait photographer

A little back story: When I (all caps–I hate that there’s no other way to emphasize “I”) was a senior in high school, I had a teacher named Mr. Molony. When I moved away to Xavier, Mr. Molony and his family moved back to his home town of Cincinnati. The kids that I nannied for in college went to the school where Mr. Molony taught… and so goes the story of how Mr. Molony and I are still friends 20+ years later.

Now, Mr. Molony’s LOVELY (so much easier) daughter, Annie, is a senior in high school. So, when her family asked me if I would be interested in coming to my other home town to take her senior photos, I jumped at the chance. She’s just beautiful. Thank you for trusting me, friends. And thanks to Murphy for being the best four-legged assistant around!

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