anne + thomas | union station | indianapolis wedding photographer

Oh, you two. I just love you. Like a true love kind of love. You are truly two of my favorite people (cat loving aside… meow). You just make me happy. And a Monday wedding? I love it. Your friends? They rocked. Your family? They rocked, too. (Of note: this is my second wedding date with the bride’s family.) Your vendors? They rocked. I mean, Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination? She knocks it out of the park—every time. Your venue? Rocked. That dress from MH Pomander’s? TO DIE FOR. Everything was perfect. And the way that Tom looks at Anne? That’s the good stuff, my friends. It was my pleasure to be a part of it.

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You two are the bee’s knees. xoxo. MC

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Vendor list: COMING SOON.

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