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First of all, get comfortable. This is going to take a moment (and apologies to my friend B who thinks I blog too many images [and who is usually right]… I couldn’t help it in this case. I tried.)

I just love Anne and Adam. From the first time I spoke with Anne, and she said that their vision was “an overgrown dinner party”, I knew I was in. And then their plan came together LIKE I NEVER COULD HAVE IMAGINED. Perfect weather. An unbelievable team. DIY details that I can’t even say enough amazing things about. Louis, the dog. A perfect wedding party. Backdrops that I couldn’t love more. And time. Just a lot of time. Plenty of time. And, voilĂ … an overgrown dinner party and a photographer’s dream come true.

Anne’s family lake house couldn’t have been a better setting for the PERFECT day. The ladies were right at home, while the gentlemen got ready next door. Easy peasy, friends. It was a dream.

2014-08-22_0017Pin IT 2014-08-22_0018Pin IT2014-08-22_0002Pin IT 2014-08-22_0004Pin IT 2014-08-22_0005Pin IT 2014-08-22_0006Pin IT 2014-08-22_0007Pin IT 2014-08-22_0009Pin IT 2014-08-22_0010Pin IT 2014-08-22_0012Pin IT 2014-08-22_0013Pin IT 2014-08-22_0014Pin IT 2014-08-22_0016Pin IT2014-08-22_0015Pin IT 2014-08-22_0029Pin ITAnd, here’s my case study for why a first look is a fantastic idea… look at her face. It’s perfection. And the details? They just keep coming.

2014-08-22_0027Pin IT

2014-08-22_0023Pin IT2014-08-22_0008Pin IT 2014-08-22_0019Pin IT2014-08-22_0026Pin IT 2014-08-22_0020Pin IT 2014-08-22_0022Pin IT 2014-08-22_0024Pin IT 2014-08-22_0030Pin IT

Next, it was off to Bonnyville Mills, a gorgeous spot in Middlebury should you ever find yourself up that way… a charming place for photos.

2014-08-22_0031Pin IT 2014-08-22_0032Pin IT 2014-08-22_0033Pin IT 2014-08-22_0034Pin IT 2014-08-22_0035Pin IT 2014-08-22_0036Pin IT 2014-08-22_0037Pin IT 2014-08-22_0038Pin IT 2014-08-22_0040Pin IT 2014-08-22_0041Pin IT 2014-08-22_0042Pin IT 2014-08-22_0043Pin IT 2014-08-22_0044Pin IT 2014-08-22_0045Pin ITAnd a quick stop back at Anne’s parent’s house in town for some air conditioning and a cold beer before heading back to the lake.

2014-08-22_0046Pin IT2014-08-22_0003Pin IT2014-08-22_0047Pin IT 2014-08-22_0048Pin IT 2014-08-22_0049Pin IT 2014-08-22_0050Pin ITHere’s the thing… while the bridal party and families were having a pre-game cocktail and some snacks at the ceremony site, the guests were gathering ACROSS THE LAKE for a cocktail party of their own. Then, they got on board a boat and sailed right on over. I love this wedding.

2014-08-22_0056Pin IT2014-08-22_0051Pin IT 2014-08-22_0052Pin IT 2014-08-22_0053Pin ITThen, we had a wedding.

2014-08-22_0054Pin IT 2014-08-22_0055Pin IT2014-08-22_0057Pin IT2014-08-22_0058Pin IT2014-08-23_0001Pin IT Then, it was up the hill for the reception.

2014-08-23_0002Pin ITDid I mention the desserts?

2014-08-23_0003Pin IT 2014-08-23_0004Pin IT 2014-08-23_0005Pin IT 2014-08-23_0006Pin IT 2014-08-23_0007Pin IT 2014-08-23_0009Pin IT 2014-08-23_0010Pin IT

And… can I just say that I needed to save this for last, because I ADORE IT.

2014-08-23_0008Pin IT

Here a list of ridiculous vendors who made this magic happen:

Ceremony and reception venue: The Miller Family Lake House, Middlebury, IN | Officiant: Jeffrey Bower | Bride’s dress: Justin Alexander from Bridal Superstore by Posie Patch | Bride’s jewelry and accessories: Nordstrom | Bride’s belt: Bella Bridesmaids, Indianapolis | Bride’s shoes: Sam Edelman | Bridesmaid dresses: Joanna August from Bella Bridesmaids, Indianapolis | Men’s accessories: The Tie Bar | Hair and makeup: Kristyn Taylor, K. Noelle Artistry | Rings: G. Thrapp | Florist: The Empty Vase | Sweets: Dutchmaid Bakery | Ceremony musician: Catherine Yoder | DJ: Vibe Wedding Group | Transportation: Cardinal Bus | Photography: molly connor photography

A special shout-out to the team from The Empty Vase for coming up from Indianapolis and giving much such amazing things to photograph.

And, Stacy Able, you are amazing. I am lucky to have you as a friend and fellow photographer. For you, I’d gladly drive 9.2 miles for a Starbucks. xoxo.


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