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You know that kind of cold that’s just wet? The kind of cold that’s not freezing, persay, but more just the kind of cold that stays with you even once you’ve come inside? And then there’s that rainy kind of day that is more raining-ish… one of those days where it’s just easier to keep your windshield wipers on manual because it’s not REALLY raining. But, it is. That’s the kind of cold and rain it was (along with a little wind) on Anna and Cameron’s wedding day.

But here’s the thing about Anna and Cam: they are awesome. The cold, wind, rain and some pretty strong parental objections weren’t going to stop them from doing photos outside… because it was one of the few weekends in Indiana that actually LOOKED like fall. We were in downtown Greenfield and the leaves and trees were just right. If anything, the rain made it even more picture perfect.

It just had to be done. And they rocked it. You’ll see in a moment.

Anna’s dress is one of my all-time favorites. I can’t emphasis how important finding the perfect dress is… and this one fit her like a glove. No fidgeting. No adjusting. And it was just gorgeous.

2014-12-03_0036Pin IT 2014-12-03_0037Pin IT 2014-12-03_0038Pin IT 2014-12-03_0039Pin ITThese two opted to do a first-look (yay!). I normally encourage having this be a private moment between the bride and groom. However, in this case, it was important to Anna and Cam that their families watch them as they saw one another for the first time. It was lovely.

2014-12-03_0040Pin IT 2014-12-03_0041Pin ITSo, about that cold and rain? The rain held off for just a few minutes when it was time to go outside. We decided to leave the bridal party (including a bridesmaid who was like 83 weeks pregnant) behind. I asked them to give me seven minutes. Um, they are awesome.

2014-12-03_0003Pin IT 2014-12-03_0004Pin IT 2014-12-03_0006Pin IT 2014-12-03_0005Pin IT 2014-12-03_0007Pin IT 2014-12-03_0008Pin IT 2014-12-03_0018Pin IT 2014-12-03_0009Pin IT 2014-12-03_0010Pin IT 2014-12-03_0011Pin IT 2014-12-03_0019Pin IT 2014-12-03_0012Pin IT 2014-12-03_0013Pin IT 2014-12-03_0020Pin IT 2014-12-03_0014Pin IT 2014-12-03_0015Pin IT 2014-12-03_0016Pin IT 2014-12-03_0017Pin IT 2014-12-03_0021Pin ITWhew. That was fun. I would have stayed out in the rain all day to photograph these two. I mean, come on.

2014-12-03_0042Pin IT2014-12-03_0043Pin IT 2014-12-03_0044Pin IT 2014-12-03_0045Pin ITWith fingers crossed, I asked them if they’d be willing to go back outside for another seven minutes… Anna’s reply: “let’s go!” Awesome. This time, we brought the whole gang.

2014-12-03_0023Pin IT 2014-12-03_0024Pin IT 2014-12-03_0025Pin IT 2014-12-03_0026Pin ITThese two couldn’t have a big day without including their darling dog, Riley. Riley rocked their engagement session as well, so it made perfect sense for him to come congratulate his people!

2014-12-03_0062Pin IT 2014-12-03_0027Pin IT 2014-12-03_0028Pin IT 2014-12-03_0029Pin IT 2014-12-03_0030Pin IT 2014-12-03_0031Pin IT 2014-12-03_0022Pin ITA quick stop in the photo booth on the way to the reception…

2014-12-03_0047Pin IT 2014-12-03_0046Pin IT 2014-12-03_0054Pin IT 2014-12-03_0055Pin IT 2014-12-03_0056Pin IT 2014-12-03_0057Pin IT 2014-12-03_0048Pin IT 2014-12-03_0065Pin IT 2014-12-03_0063Pin IT 2014-12-03_0064Pin ITAnd then there was the sweetest father/daughter dance I have ever seen. Seriously, I cried. Okay, I always cry… but this time I cried hard. It was breathtaking. See?

2014-12-03_0049Pin IT 2014-12-03_0059Pin IT 2014-12-03_0061Pin IT 2014-12-03_0060Pin IT 2014-12-03_0050Pin IT 2014-12-03_0052Pin IT 2014-12-03_0051Pin IT 2014-12-03_0053Pin ITAnd, I’ll end with this ring. I love this ring. It’s so perfectly unique. Cam’s was pretty rad, too. Ahhhh.

2014-12-03_0058Pin IT

Vendor list coming soon. But, I need to give a hug, a kiss, a high five, a fist bump and a cocktail to Abby Hacker for being such an amazing second shooter… xoxox.

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