and, exhale.

I have the best job in the world.  Really, I can (for the most part) sleep in on Mondays and I get to work with some of the coolest cats around.  I love my job.  However, when a weekend comes along with no weddings, I do a little happy dance.

This weekend was exceptional.  A Friday night birthday party at the Slovenian National House, a monsoon, a day at Penrod with Batgirl, a nap, a night at the French Market, some blogging at Starbucks and an engagement shoot tonight with two of my favorite people.  That, my friends, is a good weekend.  And the weather?  Oh, the weather.

Now I have 10 zillion photos to edit.  I love my job.Pin IT

And, the aforementioned Batgirl… I die.Pin IT

Also, the front facing camera on the iPhone sucks.  Tick tock on iPhone 5.

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