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There’s been a lot of chatter online lately about “unplugged” weddings, and I’ve been going back and forth as to whether or not I should address this, or leave it alone.  The fact of the matter is that before I was a photographer, I was always the girl with the camera, so I certainly understand feeling like, as a guest, I needed to get an amazing wedding shot.  But as a photographer, it’s changed entirely.  First of all, there few things you might not know about our job:

1.  Most churches don’t let photographers stand in the aisle past where the last guest is seated, so often times, we are restricted to the back of the church and have to rely heavily on zoom lenses.  (Sidenote: don’t sit toward the back of the church, if possible.)

2.  Photographers are generally not allowed to use flash during a wedding.  Our amazing cameras allow us to overcome this most of the time, but the wedding guests often do use flash, resulting in little burst of lights in our perfectly exposed photo.

3.  Nothing makes a bride more unhappy than not having a photo of their first kiss—hence, asking your guests to “unplug”.

I’m borrowing a shot from my colleague, Katie Whitcomb, but I certainly have many of my own that I could share (note: I am sharing this photo because the bride doesn’t know who the perpetrator is, and I don’t want to hurt any one of my past bride’s feelings—plus Katie said it was okay).  I would love for my couple’s to include a message like this in their program, but it’s certainly not going to happen every time.  If you’re a wedding guest, just be aware of how your movements can impact the photographer’s shot.  There is a lot of money being spent on wedding photography, and causing a photographer to miss a kiss (or other big moment), is just not cool.Pin IT

This concludes your friendly photography public service announcement.  xox.

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