an update.

Hello there.  It’s been a minute, hasn’t it?

I’m one wedding into 2013 and am almost done editing the last of my 2012 weddings.  I’ve got engagement shoots coming out the wazoo.  My calendar is nuts, but I continue to be amazed by the good fortune I have had to work with so many amazing clients, vendors and friends.  With any new year comes new change.

I’ve always made myself vulnerable on this blog—whether intentionally or by accident. I’ve shared my work, my freak outs, my travels and my funny stories.  You’ve seen weddings rocked, babies born, families captured and quite a few photos of Lucy Jane.

Overall, life is great.  Some days, it’s even fantastic. So far this year, I’ve dipped my toes in the Atlantic.  And the Pacific.  It’s off to a good start.  But there are quite a few things are going on with my business and me—some new, some not so new, and some super scary.

Next month will mark two years since I left my old job.  Whoa. It’s been a wild ride.  There have been more ups than I could have ever imagined and a few downs I didn’t see coming.  But each one brought a lesson (or two, or eleven).  I’ve made a lot of decisions.  Some were harder than others, but I’d like to think they have all been for the right reasons.  I’ve learned that without my parents, my friends and some love, I would’ve fallen flat on my face.  Some badass cheerleaders will go a long way.  For that, I thank you.

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So, here’s the scoop.

New projects. There are so many exciting things going on.  I just shot the most amazing styled shoot with a tremendous team of vendors at a very cool venue.  We had upside down cakes (literally), super hot models, a hanging bourbon bar, a whole rack of dresses and some exciting new concepts. It’s under wraps for the moment, which is sort of torture since I don’t exactly excel at keeping things under wraps, but I will tell you that it is some of my favorite work to date.  I’m working on a ton of new marketing pieces, including the blog banner above (shout out to Brad Ellenwood for being the brains behind the look of my brand).

New business decisions.  Deep breath. I’m closing the studio—this weekend.  I love the studio and when I think about closing it, I kind of want to puke.  Actually, I have.  But when I look at my business plan and the priorities I have chosen, keeping it just isn’t the right thing to do.  I promise I will be back—in a different time and phase of my career.  I just feel that it’s the best thing to do for the overall growth of my business.  I’ve loved having you all stop by.  I will still have access to rentable studio space if you’re ever looking for a studio shoot.  I’m fairy certain this is what being a grown up feels like.  Meh.

New adventures.  I’m working again in the real world—just enough to keep me on my toes.  And, I’m loving it.  It’s been a very scary transition and a huge reshuffle in my schedule (turns out I still hate alarm clocks), but I’m getting there.  I’m writing again, which I love.  And, I get to be a part of a really fantastic team of colleagues (which I really love).  But most importantly, I get health benefits.  Yay.  It’s helped me to regain some of the inspiration that got tied up with worry about owning a small business.  Some breathing room feels pretty fantastic.

New priorities.  I have 21 weddings booked for 2013 (which doesn’t even include the four dear friends that are getting married this year and have oh-so-thoughtfully scheduled their big days on weekends where I’m free).  I am off to NYC later this month for an engagement shoot… and then again in April.  I have a spring wedding in Florida on the beach.  I will be shooting a fall wedding in my second home: Cincinnati.  Like I said… life is good.  No time for complaining.

All of this change and excitement has required me to step back and look at where my focus is.  I will still be doing family sessions, but I will be planning marathon mini-session weekends, which you will read all about on the blog very soon.  Same goes for boudoir.  I love boudoir, and you can count on some fancy schmancy hotel weekends just around the corner.

From a business perspective, my focus is going to be on shooting weddings, editing weddings and keeping my sanity.  I’ve not done a great job on the sanity party over the last few months, and I don’t like how that feels one bit.  It’s causing me anxiety and it’s clogging up my creativity.  So there’s a new order around here.  I’m excited. Growing this business has been the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done.. and that’s what I plan to keep doing.

To those of you who have been patient while I edit, thank you.

And to my bestest friends, I say this:

I know that being my friend has been a lot of work this year.  Sometimes I just need to take the scenic route to find peace of mind and clarity.  Real scenic, it seems.  I love you all for understanding that and for helping me have some amazing adventures while I sort it out. And, when necessary, for telling me that I’m just being a dipshit. I’m getting there.  I’m happy.  I love you.

Sidenote: I just decided that I hate the font on this blog.  I’ll add that to my list of things to do.

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