amber + galen :: the wedding

L-O-V-E. That’s what we have here. I mean, a whole new level of schmoopy, adorable love. And their families and friends and everyone involved… LOVE. It was major.

Amber married Galen at Union Station on a beautiful day in early June, with 4,000 20+ of their closest friends and family in their bridal party. Epic. And that set the tone for the whole day. I just adored all of it.

Thank you two for having me… it was my pleasure.

2015-06-25_0001Pin IT 2015-06-25_0002Pin IT 2015-06-25_0003Pin IT 2015-06-25_0004Pin IT 2015-06-25_0005Pin IT 2015-06-25_0006Pin IT 2015-06-25_0007Pin IT 2015-06-25_0008Pin IT 2015-06-25_0009Pin IT 2015-06-25_0010Pin IT 2015-06-25_0011Pin IT 2015-06-25_0012Pin IT 2015-06-25_0013Pin IT 2015-06-25_0014Pin IT 2015-06-25_0015Pin IT 2015-06-25_0016Pin IT 2015-06-25_0017Pin IT 2015-06-25_0018Pin IT 2015-06-25_0019Pin ITA lovely first look with Amber’s dad:

2015-06-25_0020Pin IT 2015-06-25_0021Pin ITThese two didn’t want to see each other before hand, but did want to stand around the corner from each other, pray, and exchange the journals of love notes they’d been writing to one another…

2015-06-25_0022Pin IT 2015-06-25_0023Pin IT 2015-06-25_0024Pin IT 2015-06-25_0025Pin IT 2015-06-25_0026Pin IT 2015-06-25_0027Pin ITRemember the giant bridal party? I wasn’t kidding.

2015-06-25_0028Pin IT 2015-06-25_0029Pin IT 2015-06-25_0030Pin IT 2015-06-25_0031Pin IT 2015-06-25_0032Pin IT 2015-06-25_0033Pin IT 2015-06-25_0034Pin IT 2015-06-25_0035Pin IT 2015-06-25_0036Pin IT 2015-06-25_0037Pin IT 2015-06-25_0038Pin IT 2015-06-25_0039Pin IT 2015-06-25_0040Pin IT 2015-06-25_0041Pin IT 2015-06-25_0042Pin IT 2015-06-25_0043Pin IT 2015-06-25_0044Pin IT 2015-06-25_0045Pin IT 2015-06-25_0046Pin IT 2015-06-25_0047Pin ITAnd one last trip outside…

2015-06-25_0048Pin IT 2015-06-25_0049Pin IT 2015-06-25_0050Pin ITLove to Katie Destry for being an amazing second photographer for me… and keeping me in line. xoxo.

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