mandy + eric | chicago engagement photographer

Life has a funny way of bringing people into your life. The older that I get, the more grateful I am for the randomness of life. And sometimes, you just hit the jackpot.

One of my favorite people from my tenure at BIG INSURANCE COMPANY is a fabulous gal who makes magic happen for one of my former vendors. I love her. I remember when her little girl went away to college. And then got a big girl job. And then got engaged. And NOW I get to take her wedding photos! I love it when life works out in such a fantastic way. So, my trip up to Chicago for these photos was actually¬† my first time meeting Mandy and Eric… and I couldn’t have loved them more. You know you have a cool couple when the pick you up on the corner of the MegaBus station in an Uber… and off you go. Such a fun day!

I can’t wait to rock Michigan for your wedding next fall. And in the meantime: new friends. Thank you for sharing her with me, Holly. xoxox.

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