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I first remember hearing about sweet Mandy in 2008-ish. I worked with her mom (a fellow -olly) and I fell in love with Mandy by proxy. I loved when I would spend time with Holly and would hear all about how Mandy was making things happen at Michigan State, and later how she got her first big girl job in Chicago, and finally all about this boy named Eric.

When I first heard about Eric, it was much of the same. The Mandy/Holly duo wasn’t an easy nut to crack, and they were all-in on this guy. Eric was the bee’s knees. So, when I saw Holly post that Mandy had gotten engaged, I actually thought to myself, “man… it sucks that I won’t get to photograph that wedding”… since I had never actually MET Mandy! And then??!!?? She emailed me. I legit squealed. I mean, COME ON.

It turns out that the hype was real. They really were THAT awesome. I headed north to Chicago for their engagement shoot and they—quite literally—picked me up on the side of the road. I hopped right in that Jeep like we were old friends and we headed all around Chicago. It was true love for me!

And then, when I arrived in Grand Rapids (side note: Grand Rapids is awesome) for their wedding, it was as if there was nowhere else I was supposed to be. Amanda (as I call her) came bounding into the lobby, handed me a bottle of wine, and off we went. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. I loved this wedding. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your world… and for keeping me around after the “I do’s”.

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