alyssa and brian | the chicago wedding

Alyssa and Brian live in Tucson, Arizona. They came to me by way of referral (love that). When I first emailed with Alyssa, we talked about huge DIY plans, Pinterest boards, a rustic farm wedding with a laid back game area… the whole nine yards. I loved it. I said that I would gladly head up to Brian’s family home in Crystal Lake (west of Chicago) for their big day.

As time went on, I watched Alyssa make her wedding vision into a reality. They thought of every last thing… and then grabbed their two dogs, loaded up a U-Haul and drove THIRTY HOURS across the country to prepare for their wedding. It was going to be perfect.

And then there was a tornado.

The personnel at the hotel made all of us hide in the hallway, while the crew of guys back at the house ran everything into the house for cover as quickly as possible. The weather was bad. Really bad. And, eventually it stopped. Brooms, towels, a rake and some leaf blowers (for the water on the chairs) were called in. Everyone worked so hard to put the wedding back together.

And everything was perfect. Just perfect.

Alyssa and Brian, thank you. You were lovely and brave and calm. And if you can survive 60 hours in a car with two dogs… I think you’re going to do great in your happily ever after.2014-07-02_0051Pin IT 2014-07-02_0052Pin IT 2014-07-02_0053Pin IT

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