alegra | the pre-quinceañera

(Note from me: I’ve known Alegra since she was in first grade. Without question, I consider her family to be my family. When they invited me to come to Mexico to photograph her quinceañera [a celebration of her fifteenth birthday], I jumped at the chance. Then, I had the epiphany to do a pre-shoot and get some amazing images in Indianapolis, her home. Here are those images… I’m deferring the blog writing to her mother, Heather. Love you all… and see you again in Mexico!)

My Alegra,

Someday. Someday.
I repeat that word to myself every day so that I don’t go crazy.
Someday, she will know how much I love her.
Someday, she will see what I see.
Someday, she will know how beautiful she really is.
Someday, she will discover that when she loves herself the most, it will all fall together for her.
Someday, she will realize her intelligence is greater than she ever thought.
Someday, she will conquer her fears.
Someday, she will feel the badassness running through her veins.

Because all of the above is already there, I am just waiting for someday to come.
Thank you for giving me this special day of photo shooting. You have no idea how special it was for me to catch a glimpse of someday.

I love you. Mom

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The dress: Sherri Hill | The earrings: Kendra Scott from Bella Bridesmaids Indianapolis | The hair: Julie Eaglin from Amelia Gray Studio Salon | The makeup: Danielle Laffey from Perchance Makeup | Special assistant: Katie Balding

Special thanks to Meggie Dials for letting us use her home as HQ (sorry about the glitter) and to Heather, Anton and Alex Julian for helping me knock this out on a very short time frame. Go team.

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