I take photos and tell stories. I believe that people who prefer Diet Coke to regular Coke are perhaps kidding themselves. If I could have my iPhone surgically attached to my body, I’d consider it. Deciding on a permanent hair color is more pressure than I can handle. I always wear my glasses. I’ve just begun a new love affair with my sweet Great Dane puppy named Henry June. I like wine, rain boots and This American Life, although not necessarily all three at once. I firmly believe that all condiments should come on the side—always. Mostly, I’m just grateful for all of it.

I love taking photos. I love it. I can’t imagine another job (other than Namer of Lipsticks for MAC or Namer of Nail Polishes for OPI). I’m the luckiest gal in the world to get to do this job.

I am an Indianapolis-based photographer, but my suitcase and passport aren’t far from the front door. Whether it involves me driving down the street or clearing customs, each shoot is met with passion, creativity and as many laughs as possible.

This website is a collection of stories, as told through my photos. Nose around the site and see what’s up. Let’s talk about how to tell yours. We’ll make it a good one.

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