a styled shoot: the crane bay

Last year, a fantastic group of vendors got together to create a styled shoot, showcasing one of the most unique venues in downtown Indianapolis: The Crane Bay. I could not be happier with the results.

Styled shoots are such a fantastic opportunity for local vendors to showcase innovative work and creative ideas. They’re typically the brainchild of a group of experts (in this case, imagined over a few cocktails) who put together a team that works together to create a shoot that allows all of the players to showcase their strengths.

Stacy Molander at Design Group was the original visionary on this particular shoot. Lori Solomon and her team at Boldly Chic Events worked to pull the entire day and vision together. Their execution, as always, was flawless. We shared our vision with Danielle Fiega at Pink Poppy Ink and Jama Finney at Cake Zen, and let them work their magic. We were excited to work with Young Colling at Marie Gabriel Couture for the look of our models, and she graciously welcomed us into her gorgeous shop and let us have our pick of her amazing dresses. And finally, Colleen Page and her team at La Dolce Salon & Spa provided all of the glam for our shoot.

The vendors get paid for these shoots with “creative currency” and the joy of collaborating. The objective of a styled shoot is to provide the contributing vendors with portfolio images to showcase their work. However, we also were striving to get editorial images to create the final cohesive look for our story.

These shoots are both exhilarating and exhausting… it is absolutely a labor of love. Thank you to our amazing team and lovely models. Have a look and enjoy.

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Venue: The Crane Bay | Planner: Boldly Chic Events | Decor and florals: Design Group | Dresses and accessories: Marie Gabriel Couture | Hair and makeup: La Dolce Salon & Spa | Paperie: Pink Poppy Ink | Cake: Cake Zen | Photography: molly connor photography | Models: Anna Reed, David Reed, Emily Richardson and Cecelia David

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