A blog about resolutions-ish.

Resolutions make my head hurt.  I’m all for committing to things, but let’s be honest:  I’m not even sure that I’m going to be at Casey’s on time tomorrow night for NYE, let alone that I’m going to be riding my bike 20 miles a week during the summer or eating 11 servings of veggies each week in September.  I’m going to attempt to be more of a realist in 2011.

This is my list of stuff I’m going to try really hard to do in 2011, but am not going to be any less awesome if I come up a little short:

Be more of a realist.  |  Make lots of lists. |  Always pack lipgloss.  |  Take my trash out every Friday.  EVERY Friday.

Pack my lunch more often, pack it the night before, and REMEMBER to take it in the morning.

Work smart. |  Breathe, sleep, take walks.  |  Put towels away after they come out of the dryer.

Be a good friend… and require reciprocation.  |  Eat some vegetables. |  Shoot on film.  Develop it in a dark room.  Hang up the prints.

Run a 5k in a really cute running outfit. |  Always have a cold bottle of wine. Become friends with Ludacris (seriously).

Work on the art part of my photography.  |  Get some cool antique cameras. |  And new kitchen countertops.

Grow my photography business revenue by 10%. |  Market more.  |  Remember that this is fun.

Enjoy every single second of my trip to Ireland.  |  Get an iPhone. |  Be happy… and strike a balance.

That being said, 2010 has been more amazing than I could have ever imagined.  In 2010, I got pimptastic equipment, converted my guest room into a studio, met some inspiring mentors and took some great photos.  I have the best family, friends and clients a girl could ask for.  I have friends who tell me to knock it off when I’m out of balance, who know how to make me pee my pants from laughing and who listen when I get so overwhelemed I can’t breathe.  I have clients who love my work and tell their friends.  I have blog readers.  My dog loves to have her photo taken.  I have a supportive family that thinks all of this is just wonderful.

And the lessons?  Well there have been lessons… don’t book 5 shoots in one weekend… or 4 weddings in one month.  Don’t let brides drink red wine.  Do make ridiculous noises that make kids smile.  If you think you’ve backed your photos up enough, do it one more time for good measure.  Remember that cupcakes are good props.  Keep receipts.  Don’t forget to say thank you.  Jay-Z and Sam Cooke on the iPod make everything better.  Always put in a new memory card when the ceremony is about start.  Telling people to “fake laugh” always inspires a real one.  I love the lessons.

Life is pretty damn good.  My cup runneth over.  Onward, friends… and cheers.

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